TWICE Answer Interview Questions While Filming “Lost Tale” CF

The lovely ladies of TWICE are back with an interview on their latest CF! Today’s interview took place during filming for Lost Tale!

With their ravishing looks and rising popularity, TWICE is no stranger to CF’s. The girl group members have made appearances in the past, including a commercial for KOG Studio‘s Elsword. Video game company, Nexon even invited Mina to test out two new characters.

On December 22, TWICE appeared on a CF for mobile MMORPG Lost Tale. During filming, interviewers asked each member a question. Each question seemed to cater towards a particular aspect of each member.

Check out the interview answers below!


Q: “What do parties mean to you?”

A: “We usually go to the living room if we are bored. We watch movies or dance crazily to music. We don’t care about our images that much. Sometimes we sing live and have a good time.”


Q: “What does communication mean to you?”

A: “My first impression is different from the real me. The unnies said I was blunt when texting. I seldom perform aegyo, so I buy a lot of emoticons. I send more emoticons than texts now.”


Q: “What do pets mean to you?”

A: “People say that I look like a rabbit a lot. I’d like to have a rabbit, a dog, and a bear too. A pig! I really want a pig. I like animals that are chubby. They are cute.”



Q: “What do stage outfits mean to you?”

A: “Compared to fashionable, fancy clothes, I like wearing simple and comfortable clothing. But one thing always concerns me. When I open the closet, I always feel that there are not a lot of clothes. There are a lot of clothes but I don’t know how to choose which one to wear. I always have that concern.” 


Q: “What do rides mean to you?”

A: “I am not good at taking rides at amusement parks. What about merry go rounds? I have no problem riding the merry go round. I actually took a merry go round just now.”


Q: “What does aggression mean to you?”

A: “Usually I can’t read comments. The members say I am the most soft-hearted in TWICE. They said ‘What, you can’t even read the comments.’ Because of that, they can’t be frank with me. They always say that the ‘girl crush’ is fake and that I should give the name back.”


Q: “What does expressing your emotions mean to you?”

A: “I think I express myself well enough. The members express themselves honestly and each one is similar to the others in some ways. We express ourselves honestly to each other and I think it is good to keep it this way.” 


Q: “What do emoticons mean to you?”

A: “I didn’t know Korean when I first came here. The members used chat rooms a lot and I could only play with some emoticons. Sana and I were sending messages yesterday although we were in the same dorm. I sent emoticons and Sana replied with messages. We can understand each other very well.  


Q: “What does growth mean to you?”

A: “I have learned ballet for a very long time. A lot of people are talking about it too. But I haven’t gotten a chance to show it on stage. I’ll work harder on it for recognition. I’ll stay happy and healthy for next year. The members stay close together. I hope we can have our own concert next year.”

Sources: Illiy, TWICE 1001