TWICE’s Japanese Members Share Why They Were A Little “Intimidated” When They First Met Jihyo

Mina was even once “scared” of Jihyo!

While all the TWICE members are close like family now, it seems that the Japanese members (Sana, Mina, and Momo) were a bit “intimidated” by Jihyo when they first met.

TWICE’s Japanese members
TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

During a recent episode of Radio Star, Jihyo shared that when Sana and Momo first got accepted to JYP Entertainment, she was a bit “surprised” since they were the first Japanese people she ever met in her life.

Jihyo later saw Sana and Momo at their dorm and told them that she was the same age as them. When Jihyo revealed this, Sana and Momo were shocked!

Momo then shared that Jihyo jokingly told them that she was a celebrity when they first met. Momo and Sana didn’t know it was a joke, so they thought that Jihyo was a celebrity for a short time.

That’s why Sana and Momo were so surprised when Jihyo told them that they were the same age.

The hosts then moved on to Mina and asked her, “Mina, is true that there was someone you were afraid of when you were a trainee?

Mina shared that when she first saw Jihyo, it was from a distance. Also, Mina needed to walk past Jihyo to get to where she wanted. However, Mina thought that Jihyo looked charismatic and older than her.

Due to this, Mina stopped and waited for Jihyo to pass her instead of walking by her!

Thankfully, Mina and Jihyo were able to grow closer, and Mina’s no longer afraid of Jihyo.