TWICE’s Jeongyeon Hits Fans with Two Totally Different Concepts on the Exact Same Day

Just when we think we’ve got Jeongyeon figured out, she proves otherwise.

TWICE‘s official Japanese YouTube account recently uploaded two music videos, “HAPPY HAPPY” and “Breakthrough”.

In the two simultaneously released music videos, every TWICE member showed off two contrasting concepts, but it was Jeongyeon who especially stood out with her two sides.

In “Breakthrough”, Jeongyeon appeared looking more sexy and mature than ever before.

She switched back and forth from a black suit to a white suit and showed off her very chic charisma.

But in “HAPPY HAPPY”, she gave off a cute and youthful vibe that seemed like the total opposite of what she looked like in “Breakthrough”.

Not only did she give herself adorable pigtails, but she was also seen joking around with the other members and being very playful.

Check out the two contrasting TWICE videos below:

Source: Insight