TWICE’s Jeongyeon Has Embarrassing Run-In With Strangers On An Airplane

This is so embarrassing!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon once had a super embarrassing encounter with strangers on an airplane!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

On an episode of Knowing Bros, Jeongyeon told the embarrassing story.

| JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Jeongyeon said she had to use the restroom so badly that she headed straight for the bathroom as soon as she boarded the plane. In her rush, she forgot to lock the bathroom door.

Jeongyeon continued, “I finished my business. Without pulling up my pants, I flushed the toilet.”

Jeongyeon was shocked when the bathroom door suddenly opened, and she realized then that she had forgotten to lock the door. All the members and the Knowing Bros cast laughed as she told them that she turned to face the intruder with a shocked face.

Thankfully, the stranger said “excuse me” and immediately closed the door.

When the cast members asked if the intruder was a man or a woman, Jeongyeon revealed that it was a woman and her young son.

Super Junior‘s Heechul asked Jeongyeon if the woman recognized her, and Jeongyeon said she didn’t think she did.

Kang Do Hong jokingly said, “She didn’t know, but she would now watching this.” Then, Heechul joked that the woman would leave a message on TWICE’s social media to let Jeongyeon know that she was the one who walked in on her in the bathroom.

See Jeongyeon tell the story of her run-in with the woman and her son below.