Here’s Proof That TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Face Might Be on the Verge of Disappearing

Someone call for help!

In recent days, posts complimenting TWICE‘s Jeongyeon‘s proportions surfaced in online communities and social media.

In the photos, Jeongyeon is seen flaunting her tiny face, thin neckline, and small waist.

Jeongyeon shows off a relatively tall height of 167 centimeters. As a result, she pulls off just about any outfit in a charming way.

What truly amazes her fans is how she uses her long arms and legs to pull off powerful dance performances.

Most fans who have seen TWICE in person have stated that although all TWICE members have small faces, Jeongyeon’s face is especially small.

In response to the photos, fans have been leaving favorable comments complimenting her beauty.

“She could be a model.”

“I feel like she’s number one for body proportions and face size among all idols.”

Doesn’t it seem like her face is getting smaller and smaller?

Source: Insight