TWICE’s Jeongyeon Once Revealed TWICE’s Funny Group Chat Habit When Vacationing Separately

Imagine their pictures 😂

TWICE‘s Sana and Jeongyeon appeared on Starry Night Radio together in 2018. Interestingly, they were asked what the TWICE members are like when they go on vacation separately!

Jeongyeon revealed that they don’t contact each other for work-related matters when that happens because they already see a lot of each other during the year.

We don’t contact each other on holiday, right? Because we see each other too often.

— Jeongyeon

When they do message, however, they like showing off to each other!

It’s like…we do show off. We show off, showing off like, ‘I am doing this right now.’ But contacting [each other] for work related stuff—we don’t do that for sure.

— Jeongyeon

For example, they send pictures of their dogs to their group chat and show off the food that they’re currently eating.

When we go back home, we send many pictures of our puppies. When we’re eating something, we also take a picture and send it.

— Jeongyeon

TWICE’s group chat probably comes to life with fun pictures when they’re on vacation!

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Source: YouTube