TWICE Jeongyeon And Her Sister Gong Seung Yeon Prove Once And For All They Are #SisterGoals

Sweetest sisters around!

Every TWICE fan knows that Jeongyeon has two gorgeous older sisters, one of which is just as comfortable in the spotlight as Jeongyeon is!


Gong Seung Yeon is an actress and has shown her love for her little sister countless times.


First, there was the time when she got to meet up with Jeongyeon while they were filming Sixteen and the two shared some sweet time together.


Then, there was the time that they MCed for Inkigayo along with Kim Min Seok


While also bringing down the house by performing “Cheer Up” together!


On top of that, the two sisters have also appeared on We Are Siblings together where they posed for silly pictures…


Teased each other mercilessly when they tried on character face masks…


And totally bonded over their fear of the haunted house.


Even if Seung Yeon first sacrificed Jeongyeon at the beginning of the journey and then had to save her at the end!


But if you weren’t already convinced that the two are sibling goals, their recent family outing together will! First, the two sisters were spotted having fun on the pirate ship ride.

And fans are pretty sure that Jeongyeon’s other older Yoo Seoyeon, who likes to stay out of the limelight, was sitting beside the two too!


Then, the two sisters headed to the bowling alley for some more fun!

Surprise, their dad was there too!


All these sweet interactions together are pure #SisterGoals! Could they be any cuter?