TWICE’s Jeongyeon Grabbed Nayeon’s Butt, While Kissing On Stage

Their surprise fan-service got the crowd cheering!

TWICE kicked off their TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park tour with a bang!

The tour started off in Seoul on May 18th and their first performance definitely had the crowd cheering.


While fans are certainly talking about their performances, there was one special moment between two members that left fans speechless.


What started off as close dancing soon turned into something more!


Nayeon just couldn’t help herself and swooped in to give Jeongyeon a steamy smooch!

The kiss even came complete with a butt grab thanks to Jeongyeon!


The special fan-service came after a string of other hot moments between the two members.

It all started with this sexy dance between Nayeon and Jeongyeon.


Since the crowd seemed to love their dance together, the two gave them a little something extra during their performance.


This time the girls upped their dancing game. Their smooth moves had everyone in the crowd screaming!


They just couldn’t get enough of “NaJeong”!


The sexy dances eventually led up to the final moment and the crowd went absolutely nuts!


Soon after, their smooch took over Twitter. Fans all over the world just couldn’t get over the “2Yeon” moment!


Can’t get enough either? Check out a clip from their trending performance below!


Source: @thanksic and @kkkkkk07631284


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