TWICE’s Jeongyeon Killed It In A See-Through Dress Revealing Her Hips

This is a new look for Jeongyeon.

TWICE once attended the 2019 SOBA Awards, and Jeongyeon drew particular attention with her unique fashion choice.

On this day, Jeongyeon wore a long black dress, but in addition to being see-through, it also had small holes around her waist.

Not only did this emphasize Jeongyeon’s sexy charms, but it also went to show just how gorgeous her figure is.

What truly completed the look was her short black hair and black heels that she matched it with.

Jeongyeon even proved to be a true fashionista by wearing long gold earrings that completed her outfit in the best way possible.

Fans who saw Jeongyeon’s new look responded with comments such as “This is my first time seeing Jeongyeon in such an outfit“, “I like TWICE when they’re cute though“, and “Look at her crazy proportions“.


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