ONCE Had The Most Unexpected Response When TWICE Asked Them If They Liked “Talk That Talk”

ONCE had a good reason for answering the way they did.

TWICE recently promoted their comeback, “Talk that Talk,” and despite being veterans in the industry, even TWICE were nervous about the chance to perform at a music show in front of fans for the first time since the pandemic.

Sana: I am feeling awkward. It’s been so long. I loved doing the pre-recording with ONCE. I’ve been dreaming of that moment for days. And now we’re about to do the live performance with ONCE. And suddenly, I feel really awkward. It’s different from doing the concert.

Sana | TWICE/YouTube

Still, the members were happy to have meaningful interactions with fans, even if one conversation didn’t quite go as planned. After talking to their fans in person, Jeongyeon and Momo revealed that they aren’t sure their fans heard them correctly.

Jeongyeon: I don’t think ONCE could hear us very well. But they still responded to us.

Jeongyeon and Momo | TWICE/YouTube

They believed their fans couldn’t hear them properly because of how they answered Nayeon‘s question about “Talk that Talk.”

Momo: Nayeon said, “Is the song not as good as you expected?” They were like, “Right!

| TWICE/YouTube

Momo quickly explained that since they couldn’t hear the question, fans did their best to choose a safe answer.

Momo: They think it’s safe to say “Right.”

| TWICE/YouTube

She also pointed out that idols traditionally ask fans if they “like the song,” so their answer makes all the more sense.

Momo: ONCE couldn’t hear us very well. They probably thought she said, “Do you like the song?” So they just went with yes.

| TWICE/YouTube

But even though ONCEs might have given an unintentional answer, Jeongyeon and Momo definitely got a good laugh out of their response.

| TWICE/YouTube
Source: TWICE


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