TWICE’s Jeongyeon Knows What Momo Is Thinking About Even Before She Says It—Here’s Proof

That’s one strong friendship ❤️

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon knows Momo so well that she can even tell what she’s thinking about!

Jeongyeon (left) and Momo (right)

The girls talked all about it in a past interview with 1theK. Mina had asked Momo to name the member who is the first to catch the hand circle gesture she makes when trying to explain things.

Who’s the member who understands ‘You know right?‘ the fastest?

— Mina

Without hesitation, Momo picked Jeongyeon. Not only does Jeongyeon immediately know what she’s referring to, she also does it before she can!

Jeongyeon. She does it even before I say it.

— Momo

That reminded Jihyo of the time when the girls visited a restaurant. Momo wanted to drink Sprite, and before she even mentioned it, Jeongyeon already asked her if she wanted to order it.

What was really cool was the two went to a restaurant, and Momo wanted some Sprite. She was just thinking it when Jeongyeon asked, ‘Do you want some Sprite?‘ and ordered it.

— Jihyo

Momo went on to explain that Jeongyeon is always like that.

When I’m talking about something, Jeongyeon’s always like, ‘You mean this? This? I know what this is.’

— Momo

Jeongyeon’s ability to know what Momo is thinking about is just further testament to how close they are!

Source: YouTube