TWICE’s Jeongyeon Once Got A Call From JYP Entertainment Due To A Word She Said

Jeongyeon made a hilarious “mistake”.

During a live broadcast, TWICE‘s Jeongyeon ran into an interesting situation where she got an unexpected call from JYP Entertainment.

It all started when Jeongyeon asked Momo to get her a beer.

After Jeongyeon said the word “beer”, she immediately acted as if she said a different word.

Once Jeongyeon realized her situation, she attempted to mute the live broadcast, but it was already too late.

She even hilariously attempted to “trick” the audience by telling them they were drinking “Cola” and “Pocari Sweat“.

There were even some hilarious attempts at trying to cover the sounds of the beer can opening.

Jeongyeon was in for a surprise when JYP Entertainment started contacting her. As soon as they did, Jeongyeon’s expression changed.

The members ended up changing their original plans after JYP Entertainment contacted them.

Here’s the full video below!