Fact Check: TWICE’s Jeongyeon Performed NCT 127’s “Sticker” During Concert

Is she really an NCTzen?

A video went viral of TWICE‘s Jeongyeon performing NCT 127‘s “Sticker.” But is it real?

 TWICE’s Jeongyeon
NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

TWICE are currently on their 2023 “Ready To Be” World Tour. During this tour, Jeongyeon has a solo stage where she performs a cover of Lizzo‘s “Juice,” including a brief flute solo, which is also an homage to Lizzo, who plays the flute.

Shortly after TWICE performed their Toronto shows, a video of Jeongyeon allegedly performing her flute solo went viral. It appeared that Jeongyeon played the iconic flute sound from NCT 127’s “Sticker” before giggling and the crowd cheering. The Original Poster claimed Jeongyeon played “Sticker” at Toronto Day 2.


cue julia screaming #twice #readytobe #nct127

♬ Sticker – NCT 127

It went viral with 1.1M views at the time of writing. Netizens were shocked and in disbelief, asking if it was real. Original Poster assured it was; some even agreed, claiming they were there too and witnessed it.

| @radishwrap/TikTok

Another ONCE shared a video, claiming to be their POV at the concert to prove that the first video was real. They shared the alleged “evidence,” including their voice, “Imagine it’s ‘Sticker,'” followed by Jeongyeon playing the “Sticker” sound on the flute.


I had this in my drafts- will post it as extra evidence to the other vid I saw that jeongyeon did in fact play sticker 💚 #jeongyeon

♬ STICKER (Tribute Version Originally Performed By NCT 127) – Future Portal 2000

This video went viral with 624K views at the time of writing. This had convinced many people, but some still couldn’t quite believe it.

| @jeikeheyy/TikTok

Well, according to the videos shared by ONCEs on other social media apps, it’s not true. During Jeongyeon’s solo stage in Toronto on Day 2, she didn’t get to finish the flute portion. So, she redid her flute solo later. The videos below show her in the same styling and even include her giggle afterward, but the song she played was not “Sticker” by NCT 127.

Jeongyeon is so happy after nailing her flute solo…YAYA-EEE
by u/RazKurdt in Jeongyeon

So, those TWICE x NCT crumbs weren’t real. Yet, shortly after the fake videos went viral, Jeongyeon and Sana sang NCT DREAM’s “Chewing Gum” during TIME TO TWICE Episode 4.

So, at least, there is that!

Source: radishwrap and jeikeheyy

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