New Photos of TWICE’s Jeongyeon Suggest a New “Face of the Group” Has Been Born

Her upgraded visuals are almost too much to handle.

The fashion magazine, Allure recently shared photos they took of TWICE, where each member showed off their upgraded visuals ahead of their comeback.

In particular, Jeongyeon drew a lot of attention with the pure and innocent look she flaunted, which is completely different from the boyish look fans are used to seeing.

She tied her long hair into an elegant ponytail and posed in beautiful outfits that matched her look perfectly.

Jeongyeon has always been known for her very small face and distinct facial characteristics, but they have been accentuated even more since she grew out her hair.

With her new look drawing fans’ attention over and over again, there’s a lot of anticipation for how she’ll look in TWICE’s comeback, where she might very well become known as one of the “faces of the group”.

Source: Insight