TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals Which Of Her Teaser Photos Is Her Favorite

Which teaser photo is your favorite?

No matter where she is or what she’s doing, TWICE‘s Jeongyeon always looks stunning! While Jeongyeon is always unbelievably gorgeous, she revealed she has one teaser image she feels she looks especially beautiful in.

After doing a charming pictorial, Jeongyeon sat down with Esquire Korea for an interesting interview.

During the interview, Jeongyeon was asked if she had a specific teaser that she likes the most. Of course, Jeongyeon looks lovely in all her teaser photos, however, Jeongyeon singled out her “What is Love” teaser!

Q: Which teaser photo do you like the most?

I like the one from ‘What is Love.’

— Jeongyeon

While there are a million reasons as to why Jeongyeon’s “What is Love” teaser is great, Jeongyeon explained it’s the hairstyle change she made for this comeback that made the teaser more special to her.

I changed my hairstyle from a shortcut to bobbed hair. So I could show some feminie beauty with it.

— Jeongyeon

The photo is all the more special as Jeongyeon shared that ONCEs also loved her “What is Love” teaser as well!

Even fans loved it too. It was an album I really liked.

— Jeongyeon


Check out the video below: