TWICE Jeongyeon Shocks Fans Speechless With Sexy White Dress

This white dress has made fans fall in love with Jungyeon all over again!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon appeared on Music Bank in Chile as one of the hosts along with Park Bo Gum.


Jungyeon, who wore an off-the-shoulder long white dress shocked fans with her extraordinary beauty.


She exuded a goddess-like aurora from the moment she confidently stepped on stage.


Fans have fallen in love with Jungyeon all over again.


For one thing, her face size is unreal even next to Park Bo Gum, who is known for having a tiny face!

Fans have even commented that it’s amazing her eyes, nose, and mouth can fit into the small face!


Not only that, her proportions are perfect too!


Jungyeon who normally had a boyish charisma turned totally feminine and it could not have been a better fit.


This dress was really the perfect choice for Jungyeon!


Literally goddess among stars!

Source: Pann Nate and Tistory