TWICE’s Jeongyeon Shows Off Relatable Items She Brings On Tour That You Might Own Too

Do you pack the same things?

Popular K-Pop idols may seem unreachable because of their fame and fortune, but oftentimes you’ll find that they’re like us in many ways!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is the perfect example of this. Even the items she brings on tour are things you probably own too.

Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Recently, the “Alcohol-Free” singer vlogged about her trip to the United States and went up and personal by showing off the contents of her luggage.

Do you also own the same items? Find out below!

1. Planner

Jeongyeon explained that she brought two luggage with her, and the first item she pulled out was her trusty planner. Every year, she buys a new planner and uses it to jot down her schedule.

I’ll show you the inside of my luggage. So I brought two.

I use a planner every year. This is my schedule. I write down my schedule like this.

— Jeongyeon

2. Snacks

Next, she revealed an entire section dedicated to food! From cup noodles to rice, she was midnight snack ready.

So this luggage is filled with instant food, some snacks and some instant food. If I want rice, I can eat this cup of rice. My sister packed it for me. There isn’t any microwave here, so I have to warm it with boiled water. Not sure if it will work.

— Jeongyeon

3. Clothes

Of course, what would a trip be without a change of clothes? Jeongyeon showed off her favorite vest and described how she made sure to bring sets of clothes with her.

And the second luggage is filled with clothes. This is my favorite vest. I brought many sets. And…I brought my socks like this. I couldn’t be bothered.

— Jeongyeon

4. Nail stickers

Last but not the least, Jeongyeon pulled out several press-on nails of varying colors and designs, explaining that she planned on wearing them to their concerts. They all look beautiful!

And…it’s been a long time since I did nail art. I brought some nail stickers for the concert.

— Jeongyeon

See more of Jeongyeon in the full video below.

Source: YouTube