Here’s TWICE Jeongyeon’s Simple Skincare And Hair Routine

We’ll definitely be trying Jeongyeon’s routine!

If you’ve ever wanted skin and hair as flawless as TWICE Jeongyeon‘s, you’re in luck! She revealed her beauty routine in a vlog posted on April 5.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Jeongyeon’s TW-LOG from TWICE’s US tour was recently released. In the vlog, she shows fans snippets of rehearsal, what life is like on the road, and what the members do backstage before their concerts.

| TWICE/YouTube

After an incredible performance in Los Angeles to kick off the tour, Jeongyeon returned to her hotel room and got ready for bed.

First, she tied her hair up and washed her makeup off with a cleansing oil.

Then, she washed her face with a cleansing milk and rinsed the cleansing milk off with water.

Then, she went off camera to wash her face with a cleanser and apply moisturizer. When she came back, she treated ONCEs to a view of her gorgeous bare face.

After she was done washing her face, Jeongyeon moved on to her hair. She applied a generous amount of hair essence to her freshly washed hair, concentrating on her ends.

After applying the hair essence, Jeongyeon blow-dried her hair.

Then, Jeongyeon brushed her hair and fluffed it a little to give it more volume. With that, her routine was complete!

Check out Jeongyeon’s full TW-LOG below!