TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was Sleepy so Mina Became Her Pillow Holder

The photos show her looking unimpressed.

Following the recent broadcast of MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships for Lunar New Year, photos and videos of TWICE‘s Jeongyeon and Mina surfaced on social media.

The media shows Jeongyeon looking sleepy while sitting beside fellow TWICE member, Mina.

When you first look at the photos, it’s uncertain whether it was Jeongyeon who made Mina into the pillow holder of if Mina offered.

In any case, the photos show them placing a shark pillow on Mina’s shoulders and Jeongyeon resting her head on it.

Some may have thought it was Jeongyeon who insisted because the photos show Mina staring on with an unimpressed face.

But the video that surfaced afterward proved that it was Mina who put the shark pillow on her shoulders first.

Despite what the photos may have captured, Mina wanted Jeongyeon to have a comfortable place to rest and therefore became her pillow holder by her own will.

Have you seen anything sweeter than that?

Source: @324minaday