TWICE Jeongyeon spotted “grabbing” Momo repeatedly

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon recently expressed her intimate feelings for fellow member Momo in a pretty sexy way, as caught by this GIF!

TWICE is among the many idol groups that participated in the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC). Footage was taken of TWICE members, along with other idol groups, freely dancing and interacting with each other.

The footage was meant to focus on Nayeon but Jeongyeon’s actions were what mostly caught the viewers’ eyes.

Within a few seconds of the video, Jeongyeon was seen casually touching Momo’s chest:

Momo retaliated by playfully kicking Jeongyeon in the back after the hilarious accidental groping. Jeongyeon was then seen later slapping and grabbing Momo’s backside, once again!

It isn’t unusual to see idols playing with each other in similar ways, especially for two well-known goofy artists like Jeongyeon and Momo!

You can watch the cute video footage below: