TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals She Took A Part-Time Job As A Trainee

“It was the most difficult time for me…”

Through TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT, all the members of TWICE have opened up about their experiences growing from trainees to idols. Whether it was tough situations or happy moments, they haven’t held back in recalling those memories.

Jeongyeon especially opened up about a time where she didn’t think she would be able to succeed in becoming an idol and had to take precautions by pursuing a part-time job.

Although TWICE is now one of the most successful girl groups worldwide, that doesn’t mean they had it easy when starting out.

Remembering her time as a trainee, Jeongyeon revealed there had been a group in the works before TWICE. Along with Nayeon and Jihyo, they were ready to finally reach their dream. She stated, “Nayeon, Jihyo, and I had a group that was about to debut.”

Thinking all of their blood, sweat, and tears had finally paid off, they were excited to move forward with the debut. Unfortunately, she soon found out it had fallen through.

Jeongyeon admitted the news had been far from welcome, “It was the most difficult time for me when the group didn’t make it.”

Imagine having your dream within your grasp and then snatched away from you. That would be hard for anyone to handle. Because of that, she thought her dream had come to an end, “I thought it was over.”

Since she didn’t have anything to fall back on, Jeongyeon resorted to doing what everyone else would do. Without any other options, she decided to do what anyone else would, “I really thought that, so I even took a part-time job.”

It turns out that Jeongyeon didn’t need to rely on it at all. Due to keeping her dream alive and continuing to work towards it, she’s become an irreplaceable member of the one and only TWICE.

Everyone has been in a tough spot and overcome obstacles to succeed—especially idols. Watch Jeongyeon open up about that difficult time here.