TWICE’s Jihyo Brightens Sana’s Entire Day By Noticing Her Style Change

All it takes is one compliment to make someone’s whole day.

In a recent episode of TWICE TV, TWICE‘s Sana appeared with a new haircut that was very different from her past long hair.


Even though she was confident in rocking the look, the fact that Jihyo noticed it made her feel that much more confident.

While Sana was sitting down and holding the camera, her facial expression instantly changed into a bright, toothy smile. The quick change had been because of Jihyo. As she came closer, she exclaimed that Sana had cut her hair.

Sana was so excited that Jihyo noticed that she flipped her hair over both her shoulders, showing the full length of the new style. With a gentle touch, Jihyo ran her hand over the strands to feel them. It was what she had to say next that really made Sana’s entire day.

Jihyo brushed the ends of her hair, complimenting the look and how well it turned out on her, “It’s pretty.” Sana turned to the camera and gifted everyone with the most excited smile.

To help her feel even more confident about the style, Nayeon was sharp enough to notice the subtle hair color change as well, making her the only one to do so.


When someone tries out something new, it always makes them happy for people to notice the change. Everyone just wants to feel like they’re being seen. Watch Sana’s entire face light up at being noticed by Jihyo.