TWICE’s Jihyo Got Caught Stealing Something From EXO’s Chanyeol

Fan hearts aren’t the only thing Jihyo steals.

At the 2018 Golden Disc Awards, TWICE‘s Jihyo was caught on camera stealing something that belonged to EXO‘s Chanyeol – and fans are still not over how cute the interaction was.

While EXO members were away from their seats, Jihyo grabbed a blue cushion from the seat in front of her.

She used her cushion and the blue cushion to dance along to the music.

What she hadn’t realized was that the blue cushion belonged to Chanyeol!

As soon as EXO members, including Chanyeol, began returning to their seats, Jihyo rushed to return the blue cushion to where it used to be and pretended nothing happened!

Chanyeol noticed Jihyo being suspicious, but didn’t seem to mind too much that Jihyo had his pillow!

Note how hilarious fellow TWICE member Nayeon found this whole thing to be –

Though a very brief interaction, fans continue to UWU over Jihyo and Chanyeol’s shared interest in the blue pillow. Watch the full clip here: