TWICE’s Jihyo Impresses With Her Vocal Skills In A Game Of Jenga—But Things Still Don’t Go As Planned

She didn’t expect this to happen!

In the first episode of “TIME TO TWICE”, one of the games the TWICE members played was Jenga—with a twist. The mechanics of the game included stacking as many Jenga blocks as possible with one breath while singing “Happy New Year”.

As the main vocalist of the group, there were high expectations for Jihyo to do well: “Jihyo, the main vocalist, has an advantage in this game“.

Right before she began her turn, she took a deep breath…

…and sang the first syllable of “Happy New Year” as she stacked blocks on top of each other, prolonging the note for as long as she was able to.

Nayeon indirectly put more pressure on Jihyo when she cheered her on, shouting “Main vocal!

Jihyo stacked the blocks as she sang with one breath, but unfortunately, they still ended up collapsing.

She didn’t give up there, of course! In a clear display of superior vocal skills, she continued to sing even if her face started turning red: “I’m still going“.

Her fellow members were evidently impressed with her skills: “I’m getting out of breath just looking at her“.

Although it appeared as if she was going to set a record, several misplaced blocks ended up causing the rest to fall, much to her disappointment.

It may not have worked out for Jihyo, but she still impressed everyone who watched her! Catch more of TWICE in the full video below.

Source: TWICE