LACHICA, TWICE’s “Perfect World” Choreographers, Point Out Why Jihyo’s Dance Skills Are Impressive

She’s called “God Jihyo” for a reason!

Street Woman Fighter dance crew LACHICA, which consists of members SimeezGabee, and Rian, were the brains behind the breathtaking choreography of TWICE‘s Japanese title track, “Perfect World.”

Simeez (left), Gabee (top), and Rian (right) | @la.chica_official/Instagram

TWICE’s “Perfect World”

Recently, the three reacted to TWICE’s dance performance video of the song.

All the members absolutely killed it, but they gave special mention to leader Jihyo!

Jihyo | @TWICE/YouTube

When Jihyo went to the front of the stage for her part, Simeez couldn’t help but praise her for her dance skills, saying she “dances really well.”

She noticed that Jihyo’s dancing stands out because of how “tough” and “refreshing” it is.

She dances very tough and refreshingly.

— Simeez

Upon hearing Simeez’s words, Rian smiled affectionally and shared that she personally likes Jihyo.

Really. I like her.

— Rian

Rian then added her own opinion that Jihyo’s strength is “really good.”

If anyone were to be a judge of dance skills, then professional choreographers Rian, Simeez, and Gabee are just the people! They know better than most about the field, so it says a lot about Jihyo’s skills that they singled her out.

Don’t believe it? Watch Jihyo’s impressive performance project of Camila Cabello & Grey‘s “Crown” below.

Source: YouTube