TWICE Jihyo Leaves Everyone In Tears After Her “2018 MAMA in Hong Kong” Speech

Make sure you grab some tissues.

Award shows are always a rollercoaster ride of emotions for fans and idols alike, and when TWICE won an award at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong absolutely no one could stop their tears from flowing.


On December 14, TWICE took home multiple MAMA awards, including the “Best Female Group” and “Best Female Group Dance Performance” awards.


Although the other two awards were already incredibly amazing, it was their other award that was the most special. When it was announced that TWICE would be taking home their third consecutive “Song of the Year” Daesang for “What Is Love?”, ONCEs couldn’t have been prouder!


But it was their reaction to winning that has been breaking everyone’s heart. As soon as Jihyo approached the microphone, ONCEs knew it was going to be a very emotional moment.


Fans were, of course, right. From Jihyo’s very first words she already had people crying because, despite all the girls’ hard work, she admitted that she wasn’t sure she was worthy enough to be winning such an award but sincerely thanked everyone for believing in the group.

“Wow…really… We’re a team that lacks so much but I sincerely thank you for giving us this great award. There are so many other amazing artists… I especially felt that after watching today’s performances. They spilled their own sweat and blood to prepare for it and promote for it, so I’m wondering if we’re worthy enough to receive this award. Thank you for giving us this great award three times at MAMA.”

— Jihyo


And her words only continued to shake everyone’s heart. After thanking Park Jin Young and all the staff for their support and hard work Jihyo went on to thank the members.

“There are so many people we want to thank, but I think I was most thankful to my members this year. Due to our busy schedules over the past 3 years, I think we were all very exhausted physically, emotionally, and mentally. I want to tell my members, who became each others’ strength and comfort, thank you and you did well.”

— Jihyo


Then she turned her attention to ONCEs and thanked them for sincerely giving the members their love.

“To ONCE, who always watch our performance stages with a smile and shower us with an unbelievable amount of love, I feel even saying it a hundred times won’t be enough… but thank you sincerely. I thank you so very much. A lot of people tell us that they receive strength and energy from watching our stages, but our source of strength and energy is our fans.”

— Jihyo


And her final words left everyone in even more tears as she promised to work even harder in the future.

“I sincerely thank you, and we will strive to show you good music and energetic stages. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Jihyo


Jihyo’s heartfelt words turned on the waterworks for fans who couldn’t be more proud of the members for all their hard work and dedication.


Congratulations once again to TWICE for all your wins! For more, check out TWICE’s  “Song of the Year” win here and don’t forget the tissues!