TWICE’s Jihyo Looks Back On One Of The Hardest Years Of The Members’ Lives That Even Inspired A Song

It was a difficult time for all of them.

TWICE has released many beautiful songs since their debut in 2015, but “Feel Special” is arguably their most meaningful one to date. It was birthed after a particularly difficult time in their lives.

TWICE for “Feel Special”

In a video with YouTube channel ODG, TWICE’s Jihyo revealed that before they released “Feel Special,” her members were starting to “feel bad.” She was possibly referring to Mina‘s battle with anxiety.

As a whole, TWICE was feeling the toll of spending many years under the spotlight.

Perhaps we’ve been running a bit too long. Some of our friends began to feel bad. Little by little, we were getting exhausted.

— Jihyo

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young listened to their worries when they approached him and was later inspired to write the song.

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young

He wanted it to be a source of comfort for them.

That’s why JYP wrote this song, ‘Feel Special,’ to comfort us. That was after he listened to us.

— Jihyo

It was one of TWICE’s most challenging years together. The good news is, however, that their friendship deepened because of it. “It was tough, but I think we became closer than ever that year because of the trouble,” Jihyo said.

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Source: YouTube


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