TWICE’s Jihyo And Momo Are Incredibly Close Friends, But Their Relationship Wasn’t Always So Great

They didn’t really talk at all as trainees.

Six years ago, TWICE debuted with the title track “Like OOH-AHH” and quickly became an international sensation. And while the members always show their support for one another, proving their close bond, according to the members, they weren’t always such great friends.

In a recent date vlog, Jihyo and Momo spent time together, talking about everything from whether they prefer mountains or the ocean…

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To what it was like when Jihyo and Momo weren’t close at all.

Momo: When we were trainees, Jihyo and I weren’t close.

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In fact, Jihyo was only close to two members of TWICE when they were trainees.

Jihyo: Except for Nayeon and Jeongyeon, I never had any conversations with others.

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But despite their introverted natures, Jihyo reminds Momo that they actually had to work together for a performance as trainees.

Jihyo: But we do have a shared memory. We did a showcase together. We danced together.

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And Jihyo and Momo remember the practices for their performance piece being difficult both because of the language barrier…

Momo: There were three of us, right?

Jihyo: Yeah.

Momo: We rarely talked, right?

Jihyo: Right.

Momo: My Korean wasn’t good enough.

Jihyo: And the other person was also Japanese.

Momo: Right.

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And because Jihyo didn’t feel like she fit in with the trio.

Jihyo: I’m pretty shy, and I can’t really talk to people I don’t know well. But the two of you shared the language. You two were dancers and I wasn’t. The choreography was so hard for me. The two of you learned so fast and had to wait for me. I really didn’t wanna do it.

Momo: Was it hard for you?

Jihyo: It was really hard, you know what I mean? I felt like I was bringing the two of you down with me. But I couldn’t express myself because of the language barrier.

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TWICE definitely did become friends after they debuted together, but the close bond that they have now took a while to form.

Jihyo: I think it took us 3 years to really get to know each other. But there was still some distance between us. But now even that is gone.

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Both Jihyo and Momo agree that they feel fortunate that everyone in TWICE gets along so well because they’re always relying on one another.

Jihyo: We are so close together now more than ever before.

Momo: True. It’s not like we had conflicts, but we are definitely closer now.

Jihyo: I feel like we’re just a family. It’s so comfortable.

Momo: I only have the members. We had a lot of breaks recently, and I was reminded of how I don’t really have any other people I’m close to except for the members. I’m so comfortable. I mean, we shared everything over the years.

Jihyo: Right. Isn’t it amazing? It’s so amazing that all nine of us are so close. We don’t have any members that are not easy around each other. That would bring all of us down. If someone has a sour relationship with someone. It’s not unusual to have that, you know?

Momo: There are nine of us and that’s a lot. On top of that, we have mixed nationalities. We are close in age.

Jihyo: Nine is not a small number.

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Ultimately, the two just feel fortunate that they were able to come together and be a family.

Momo: I am amazed too. And I am so relieved that we are together in the same group, that it’s us.

Jihyo: I feel grateful.

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