TWICE’s Jihyo Was Mortified To See Her Barefaced Picture Proudly Displayed In A Store

What she did next was hilarious!

As part of one of the biggest girl groups in the world, TWICE‘s Jihyo is most likely used to seeing her face around town. On one occasion, however, she couldn’t believe the picture that was chosen!

She revealed the story in a past live broadcast, where she and a few other members gathered together to chat with fans.

Midway through the video, maknae Tzuyu couldn’t help but stare at Jihyo and Momo when she noticed their strikingly similar glasses, asking, “Are they the same glasses?

Jihyo jokingly replied that Momo was the one who copied her. “Momo copied my glasses.

Not even bothering to disagree, Momo revealed that she was, in fact, wearing glasses that were made famous by Jihyo.

These are the famous Jihyo glasses. They’re famous—Jihyo’s airport style.

— Momo 

That reminded Nayeon of the time she visited an eyewear shop and saw a large picture of Jihyo being proudly displayed inside. “I went to this eyewear shop, and there was a big picture of Jihyo.

It was a shot taken of Jihyo in the airport wearing a pair of fashionable round glasses.

Hilariously, Jihyo had also seen the photo and had even asked the staff to change it with a new one! She explained that she didn’t like how she wasn’t wearing any makeup in it. Unfortunately, she didn’t bring a new one with her, so she couldn’t do much at that moment.

Without makeup! So…I asked them to change the picture, but I couldn’t give a new picture.

— Jihyo

Jihyo may not have wanted people to see the picture, but fans would surely agree that she was simply stunning!

Source: YouTube