TWICE Jihyo’s Reaction When Tzuyu Burst Into Tears On Stage Showcases Her True Personality

Jihyo=best leader!

TWICE‘s Jihyo showed her true personality when Tzuyu began crying on stage.

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During TWICE’s May 15 encore concert at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, Tzuyu started crying while performing “Cactus,” a song written by Jihyo.

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Mina and Jihyo were standing closest to Tzuyu, and they both comforted her after noticing that she was crying. Jihyo placed a reassuring hand on Tzuyu’s shoulder and even wiped the tears from her eyes.

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As they stood next to Tzuyu during the performance, they patted her reassuringly.

Jihyo even rubbed Tzuyu’s back to comfort her as the members continued singing “Cactus.”

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Jihyo kept a close eye on Tzuyu throughout the performance, which showed just how caring she really is. However, Jihyo’s caring actions were even more significant because she was crying, too.

Near the end of “Cactus,” she spoke to Jeongyeon, and it was clear that she getting emotional. Jeongyeon reached out to console her.

When Jihyo started singing, the other members heard the raw emotions in her voice and looked over to see if she was okay. ONCE also cheered loudly to show support for Jihyo.

This wasn’t the first time Jihyo got emotional while singing “Cactus.” She cried during a performance of the song in Seoul. Jihyo wrote “Cactus,” so the song probably holds a really special place in her heart.

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Even though singing “Cactus” makes Jihyo emotional, she still checked to see if Tzuyu was okay before taking care of herself. This moment truly shows just how selfless she is and that she makes sure the members are taken care of before she takes care of herself.

This performance also shows how much all the TWICE members care for each other. Jihyo and Mina both stepped in to comfort Tzuyu, and all the members who were farther away in the formation turned to check on Jihyo when they heard the emotion in her voice.

The TWICE members are so lucky to have each other, and we love seeing them take care of one another!

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