TWICE’s Jihyo Learned The Secret To Taking Stunning Instagram Photos From Her Little Sister

“She taught me how…”

Through her personal Instagram account, TWICE‘s Jihyo uploads lovely photos of herself enjoying her beautiful surroundings.

Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

She also treats followers to stunning selfies, recently revealing that her little sister gave her tips on how to always snap the perfect photo.

| @_zyozyo/Instagram

During her interview with 1st Look, the magazine congratulated Jihyo on opening her personal Instagram account and wondered if she had any tips for taking amazing photos. She credited her younger sister for giving her a few essential pointers.

My little sister is very young. She taught me how kids these days take photos.

— Jihyo

Jihyo revealed that the younger crowd loves taking photos at a “really wide angle.” She then gave a step-by-step example of how to do it.

She instructed everyone to switch the camera mode to wide-angle, “hold it up as high as you can,” and take the picture. Jihyo also shared one of the benefits of using the method.

Jihyo explained, “I heard that it makes your face look smaller and gives the pictures more of [a] ‘these days’ [kind of] vibe.

See Jihyo give a step-by-step demonstration on how to nail the perfect Instagram photo, thanks to her younger sister.