TWICE Were Ready To Throw Hands When Jihyo Said That Some People Mishear Her Lyrics

The members gave some savage messages to these people!

The TWICE members love each other like family, and there have been many moments where they stood up for each other. One time, Jihyo shared that some people mishear her when she’s singing, and the members had her back!

TWICE’s Jihyo
TWICE’s Nayeon

During a live broadcast, Jihyo mentioned that people often mishear the lyrics when she sings.

Jihyo gets confused when this happens, as she believes that she’s pronouncing the lyrics clearly.

The members then said that this can happen to anyone and that everything just depends on the type of song someone sings.

The members then got “angry” and told the people who mishear Jihyo to search and read the lyrics online!

TWICE are each other’s biggest supporters!

Source: Naver Live