TWICE’s Jihyo Was Traumatized After Receiving Kisses From Her Members

Who could resist kisses from TWICE?

TWICE finally had the chance to reconnect with their fans, dubbed ONCE, at their October 2022 Japan fan meeting called ONCE DAY. It was their first in-person fan meeting in 3 years.

The TWICE members in the poster for their 2022 Japan fan meeting | @JYPETWICE_JAPAN/Twitter

The girls had a blast dressing up, playing games, and performing in front of thousands of ONCEs in attendance.


One of the games they played was a random mission draw, wherein they would have to complete a set task in front of the whole audience. TWICE’s leader,Β Jihyo, was lucky enough to draw a card that said she had to get kisses from all the members! Many people would die to be in her place, but she was appalled.

Jihyo still pushed through with the mission for the fans’ sake, but her face said she struggled through the entire ordeal.

Some of the kisses, like the one she received from Chaeyoung, were tame and straightforward.

Other members, like Dahyun and Momo, struggled just as much as Jihyo to complete the task.

Of course, there were members like Mina, who Jihyo didn’t seem to mind. She even had a special message dedicated to her friend, who was born in the same year.

Then there was Jeongyeon, who relished the opportunity to torment her leader by making wet slurping sounds before leaving a lipstick mark on her cheek!

TWICE is often open about showing their love for one another through their actions and support, but just like a real family, they struggle to show affection directly to their fellow members. ONCEs have another memory to treasure with TWICE forever!


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