TWICE’s J-Line Nearly Missed Their Flight, And Their Reactions Were Completely Different

Which member are you?

One of the most nerve-racking situations in the world is being late to the airport and potentially missing your flight. As frequent travelers, even the TWICE members have firsthand experience!

Recently, the Japanese-line of the group—Momo, Mina, and Sana—headed to Osaka, Japan, for a personal schedule.

TWICE’s Momo (left), Mina (center), and Sana (right)

The Korean press didn’t miss the opportunity to take their pictures in the airport. Media company Newsen even managed to document the girls’ reactions to being late! They were seen dragging their luggage as they ran to the boarding gate.

Each member appeared to have a different response. Momo placed a hand over her head, looking utterly distressed. She may have been asking herself how they landed in that situation.

On the other hand, Sana wasted no time running as fast as she could. She was very determined to make it on time!

And finally, Mina couldn’t hold back her laughter. Even if it must have been tiring to run around, she saw the humor in the situation. Clearly, a late flight couldn’t dampen her cheerfulness!

| @minatanginumin/Twitter

Just another day in the life of TWICE’s J-line. If you were to find yourself in the same situation, would you be stressed like Momo, serious like Sana, or humorous like Mina?

Source: Twitter and Newsen