TWICE Jungyeon Spotted Secretly Teasing Tzuyu On Live Stage

The members of TWICE found an interesting way to prank each other live on stage. 

Last February 23rd, TWICE staged an impressive performance of “Knock Knock” on Mnet’s M! Countdown. As soon as their performance started, Jungyeon decided to play a trick on Tzuyu and blew on her ear. For a brief moment, Tzuyu tried to maintain a straight face and continued with the performance.

The capture of their performance was eventually discussed online and discovered that another member fell victim to the same prank in the past. Previously, Dahyun was in the middle of a live broadcast with their fans when Sana appeared out of nowhere and blew into her ear. Compared to Tzuyu’s reaction, Dahyun winced at Sana’s playful attack, seemingly embarrassed and tickled by it.

Fans are trying to catch more of these playful tricks done by the members as they continue to promote their latest track, “Knock Knock.”

You can catch Jungyeon’s brief attack on Tzuyu at the 0:33 mark of this clip.

Source: Dispatch