TWICE Once Revealed If They Learned About Love Through Dramas

Here’s what they said.

In a past radio show appearance on Kim Shin Young‘s Noon Song of Hope, TWICE revealed some interesting information about what makes their heart flutter!

The topic was brought up when radio host Kim Shin Young asked if any of them learned about love through books, movies, or dramas instead of through their own personal experiences.

Among the members, is there anyone that learned about love through books, movies, or dramas?

— Kim Shin Young

Jihyo shared that they personally watch many Korean dramas. Nayeon, for example, is a fan of the popular drama Something In The Rain starring Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin.

We’ve been watching a lot of dramas recently. A few hours before this, Nayeon unnie was watching Something In The Rain.

— Jihyo

Sana and Jeongyeon excitedly described the drama as “heart fluttering”:  “I don’t watch the drama, but from the picture, my heart flutters so much.”

Nayeon then brought up something else that makes their heart flutter—romantic variety shows!

Nowadays, things like variety shows, too. There’s a lot of those dating-themed variety shows.

— Nayeon

TWICE instantly perked up when she mentioned Heart Signal. Heart Signal is a reality show where single Korean men and women live together in the same house for a month.

| Channel A

Jihyo explained that they’re all fans of it, and Nayeon revealed that they like it so much, they even gather together in the dorm to watch it.

TWICE appears to learn a lot about love from K-Dramas and romantic variety shows!

Hear more TWICE stories from the girls themselves in the full video below!

Source: Once Zone Subs