TWICE Made Things Harder For Themselves When They Broke Their Own Sales Record And Here’s Why

They keep setting the bar higher!

Until they broke their own record, TWICE‘s Fancy You previously held the record for highest first-week album sales for a K-Pop girl group on the Hanteo Chart. They now beat that record with the sales of their newest album Feel Special, which was released on September 23.

In its first week, Feel Special sold 154,028 copies. Their previous record for FANCY YOU was 151,051 copies sold in its first week.

This isn’t the first time TWICE broke their own record. Before Feel Special broke FANCY YOU‘s record, their album twicetagram was the record holder with 129,691 sales in its first week.

It’s amazing that TWICE keeps breaking their own records, but with each broken record they continue to set the bar higher and higher, making things harder for themselves.

It’s all right, though, because, with their natural charm and energy and loyal ONCEs behind them, there’s nothing TWICE can’t do! Here’s to them breaking their own record again next time!

Source: Hanteo Chart