How Does TWICE’s Makeup Artist React When They Gain Weight?

One big change happens during the makeup application.

In a live broadcast with Momo, TWICE‘s Nayeon revealed that she gained some weight in the past year.

Showing her side profile, Nayeon explained that her cheeks became more prominent. “When my face is plump, you can see my cheeks behind me.

Momo responded by assuring her that she looks prettier with chubbier cheeks because of her elongated face.

I think you look better with plump cheeks because your face is a bit long. It’s not wide but long.

— Momo

Hearing that, Nayeon shared that her face becomes wider whenever she gets heavier. “It looks long, but when I gain weight, it becomes wider.

She then described the exact moment she realizes she put on some weight. During music show performances, their makeup artist would walk up to her and start heavily contouring her face.

You know, most cameras are under the stage. If my face gets a bit wider, it looks like this. Our makeup artist then comes up to me and does a lot of contouring.

— Nayeon

It’s a dead giveaway because their makeup artists usually doesn’t do much contouring at all!

Usually, they don’t do a lot of contouring on me, but when my face is plump, our makeup artist calls me.

— Nayeon

Naturally, that’s the exact moment she knows she gained weight.

Then I think, ‘Oh, I’m screwed today.’

— Nayeon

To see the full live broadcast, check out the video below!