TWICE’s Manager Once Forgot Dahyun In Another City, So The Group Came Up With A New Rule

The new rule keeps the members from being left behind!

TWICE‘s Dahyun was left behind by the group’s manager once, and the group came up with a new rule to keep it from ever happening to one of the members again.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

On an episode of Knowing Bros from 2018, Dahyun told the story of when the manager left her behind after a fansign event outside of Seoul.

| JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

Dahyun said she went to the bathroom alone before the group left the fansign. She said, “When I came back, there was nobody.”

When she noticed she was left behind, Dahyun called the manager. The manager said, “Dahyun, I am sorry. We left without you.” 

Ever since that incident, the group has lined up in order of their age to make sure that all the members are accounted for. Thanks to this new rule, none of the members are ever left behind!

Check out the full video of Dahyun’s story below.