This TWICE member dresses completely differently at night

These photos show that this TWICE member can go from sunshine-sweet during the day, to totally rocker chic at night.

Momo is known for her unique off-duty fashion styles, mainly consisting of simple and minimalistic looks that complement both her image and her figure.

Since TWICE’s debut, Momo has become comfortable being both cute and fierce on stage. This has translated to real life as she can sometimes be seen wearing sweet, simple outfits as well as some bolder rocker-chic styles.

The difference between her daytime and nighttime looks is incredible.

Daytime Cutie

Momo looking absolutely adorable in a furry coat.
This sweater makes her look so much sweeter.
Looking shy for her fans in this pastel toned tee.
Wooly sweaters definitely give off a dainty feel.

Nighttime Rock-star

Switching it up with some black and denim.
That leather jacket definitely gives her outfit an edgier vibe.
She definitely looks amazing in bombers
Different bomber, same edgy rocker chick vibe.