Here’s The TWICE Member Who Works The Hardest To Maintain Their Friendship, According To The Members

TWICE wouldn’t be the same without her 💕

TWICE is known for their close friendship, and a significant reason why their bond is so strong is because of a certain member.

When the girls appeared on Tei’s Dream Radio in 2017, they were each asked to pick the member who works the most for TWICE’s friendship.

Friendship award. Because you guys worked busily throughout the year, this award is for the member you think worked the most for TWICE’s strong friendship. Actually, this award can also be regarded as an award that you would like to give to the member whom you depend on and trust the most.

— Tei’s Dream Radio

After calculating the votes, the one with the most votes was none other than leader Jihyo!

The certificate she received was filled with praise for her hard work in maintaining the group’s peace.

Throughout 2017, whether it’s raining or snowing, she works hard in maintaining the peace of TWICE’s members for the sake of their strong friendship, hence the award.

— Tei’s Dream Radio

The girls had a very simple explanation for picking Jihyo—her leadership status!

Since she is our leader, she always leads us and works to gather our opinions. With her leadership, she made the chaotic members into one.


Aside from Jihyo, four members voted for TWICE as a whole. They explained that friendship is a two-way street and cannot be solely attributed to a single person.

Because friendship doesn’t work if just one person is working hard. This year, we are all getting along nicely.


Thanks to Jihyo and the group as a whole, TWICE’s strong friendship is one to beat!

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