TWICE Members Attempt To Sing Without Being Able To Hear Themselves

Fans cannot help but gush over the members of TWICE after being challenged to sing their songs without hearing their own vocals. 

A past clip of the members in an online broadcast of TWICE as they attempted to take on the challenge of singing their own songs without any accompaniment has resurfaced and continues to delight fans.

Producers asked the members to sing lines for the selected tracks with headphones on so that the members wouldn’t be able to hear themselves sing.

The surprise twist was that a very different, super loud track of a different song would be playing while they sang!

The struggle was real.

The challenge created a confusion as they tried to sing their own parts without following the tune of the song being played.

Jihyo, Mina and Nayeon were more successful in their attempts to sing on tune and in time. Their tune did change the more they listened to the background track, which caused laughter with the rest of the members.

It was evident that the challenge was harder than they thought!

Watch TWICE attempt the adorable challenge at the 53:00 mark below!