Other TWICE Members Are Challenging Nayeon’s Title Of Best Bunny

Nayeon is no longer uncontested.

Nayeon has long been called K-Pop’s “best bunny” because she resembles a cute rabbit. For a long time, Nayeon’s title was uncontested.

Who would have thought her greatest competition would come from within TWICE itself? A new show Star Road has aired and it features four of TWICE’s members. The four members made a promo for the show before it was released.

Dahyun, Momo, Tzuyu and Sana impressed ONCEs with their visual power, some say they’ve never looked better. All was normal until the first episode of Star Road aired.

Sana, Tzuyu, Dahyun and Momo all came equipped in their bunny hats. And they showed they were pretty skilled at using them as well.

Nayeon was the undisputed bunny queen in TWICE, but is this still the case? She definitely has some serious bunny skills of her own.

But some of her own group members are giving her a run for her money…

It’s a tough question, we’ll have to let ONCEs figure out the answer for themselves.