TWICE Members Like to Annoy Each Other by Doing This One Thing

TWICE‘s members have always been playful with one another and some eagle-eyed fans have spotted this new habit the girls have gotten into.

On February 23, TWICE’s Jeongyeon was seen blowing into Tzuyu‘s ear during their comeback performance on M Countdown with “Knock Knock”.

Tzuyu laughed while flinching at the feeling of the sudden wind in her ear, but immediately continued on with her performance, showing both how playful yet professional the group are!

Another instance of TWICE members teasing each other was seen in a livestream for their fans, where Sana went up to Dahyun while she was talking to the camera and blew into her ear.

Dahyun hilariously cringed in discomfort, but it was all in good fun!

 Source: Dispatch