TWICE Members Prank Nayeon And ONCEs Are All Over Her Reaction

TWICE members sure know how to have fun!

Some of the girls from TWICE recently held a broadcast and decided to pull a prank on their fellow member, Nayeon during the show.

Sana told their manager to tell Nayeon that she spilled juice on her bag.

Jihyo joined in on the fun and told the group’s manager to also tell Nayeon that she spit on her bag! Momo couldn’t sit still and wanted to join as well and mentioned that she spilled curry on Nayeon’s bag!

As if that wasn’t enough, Sana added to relay that Dahyun used her credit card.

After the a few moments, Nayeon’s voice was heard from the broadcast. The moment she entered the room she asked the members who did those to her bag! And Sana was quick to say sorry to her unnie!

After a few seconds, Jihyo told Nayeon that it was a prank and the rest of the members who were present in the broadcast just laughed!

TWICE members sure know how to have fun!