TWICE Members Reveal Sana And Nayeon’s Drinking Habits

Many fans are dying to meet “drunk Sana” and “drunk Nayeon”!

TWICE’s Jihyo and Sana did a live broadcast and revealed the drinking habits of some of the members!


According to Jihyo, Sana’s drinking habit was kissing even more than when she is sober!

Jihyo: When Sana is drunk, she kisses more and has more aegyo


Fans could only imagine what drunk Sana could be like since she was already so full of aegyo and loved kisses even when she was sober!


Fans were also not surprised that this was Sana’s drinking habit and thought it was absolutely adorable.


Meanwhile, Sana had apparently revealed that Nayeon had the most difficult drinking habit.

Nayeon has the most difficult drinking habit. She needs at least 3 people around her.


After hearing about her drinking habit, fans have been guessing that Nayeon must be really fun when drinking if she needs 3 people around her!


Some were even surprised the TWICE members drank alcohol at all!


Nonetheless, everyone was dying to meet both Sana and Nayeon when they were drunk.


This just goes to prove that whether the TWICE members drink or not, fans will always love them for who they are, even their drunk sides!