TWICE Recalls Memorable Pre-Debut Experiences That Are Unforgettable Until Now

Back then, only a few people recognized them.

TWICE has been active in the K-Pop industry for several years now, but they were once rookies who experienced many things for the first time. In a recent live broadcast to celebrate their 2000th day since debut, the members reminisced on some memorable pre-debut experiences.

Dahyun brought up the topic when she remembered the day they went to the sea together. What made the day even more memorable was getting soaked in water and making their way home with drenched clothes.

Before we made a debut, in that car, we went to the sea. I remember we were soaked and we were also soaked on our way home. When we went to the sea, Tzuyu and Mina didn’t put their feet in the water.

— Dahyun

Next, Chaeyoung recalled playing a game with the members at a highway rest area. The girls had commemorated the day by uploading a picture on their official Instagram account.

We played that mole game at a highway rest area. I believe the photo is on Instagram. We uploaded it.

— Chaeyoung

On the other hand, Jihyo cherished the memory of playing a claw machine game soon after their debut. She even thoughtfully gifted her prize to maknae Tzuyu!

And I remember that just after we made our debut, we went somewhere for one of our fittings and there was this claw machine. We played with it. I immediately got one and gave it to Tzuyu.

— Jihyo

Finally, Chaeyoung remembered taking a group picture on the streets of Apgujeong. They had yet to debut so they weren’t as popular as they are now.

Before our debut, we went to Apgujeong for one of our fittings. Back then, no one recognized us. We took this 9-section photo. That three-way intersection. That’s why we were out on the street.

— Chaeyoung

After hearing all that, it’s undeniable that TWICE’s pre-debut memories are lovely!

Watch the full video below.

Source: Naver Live