TWICE Mina’s Bad Habit That Even J.Y. Park Tells Her To Fix

Even her members know exactly what it is.

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young always asks TWICE‘s Mina to fix a specific habit of hers after watching her perform at concerts.

Park Jin Young | Han Cinema
TWICE’s Mina

Mina revealed the habit in an interview with Vanity Fair where her members had to guess her answer to a question. The question she was asked was, “What is your worst habit?

Her members genuinely know her well because they instantly knew what she wrote down! It barely took ten seconds for Chaeyoung to shout the correct answer—walking with her feet facing outwards.

Referring to the habit as the “penguin walk,” Mina explained that it’s something Park Jin Young always notices when he watches TWICE’s concerts.

This is feedback I get from JYP every time he visits our concerts. He always says I have to fix my walk.

— Mina

Nayeon perked up and shared that she also sees it when Mina walks to the front of the stage to sing.

That’s true. I’ve seen it when it sticks out. Whenever Mina comes out to sing, I can see it well.

— Nayeon

Chaeyoung consoled Mina by telling her it’s not something she can easily control. Nayeon called it “cute,” and we totally agree with her!

But sometimes you can’t help that. Even I do it.

— Chaeyoung

Watch TWICE answer more questions in the full video below.