Instiz Named TWICE’s Mina “The Most Beautiful Japanese Person In The History Of The Universe”

A lot of people seem to agree as well.

Mina’s incredible visuals are finally being realized, as Korean web portal Instiz named her the most beautiful Japanese person in the history of the universe.


According to its own website description, Instiz is the largest entertainment entertainment community in Korea and has nearly 1 million followers on Twitter.


While Korean users constantly create community posts on the site, only the most popular threads are highlighted by the site itself. After seeing the site’s tweet about Mina’s visuals, many fans agreed with the claim.


But some fans disagreed with the post…


Because TWICE has two more Japanese members who are equally as beautiful!


So, while it’s silly to argue over who the “prettiest Japanese person in the history of the universe” is, we can all agree that Momo, Sana, and Mina are definitely top-notch beauties!

Source: Instiz