TWICE’s Mina Took A Challenging Left-Brain/Right-Brain Test…And Seriously Impressed

She’s too good 🤯

It’s been said that people who are predominantly left-brained are more analytical in the way they think, while those who are right-brained are more creative and artistic.

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Recently, TWICE‘s Mina took a test to help determine what her most dominant side is. She was so impressive, however, that it was difficult to come to a conclusion!

The instructions were simple. She was tasked with tracing the shapes that appeared on the screen—one on the left and another on the right.

The difficult part was that the shapes were always changing, but Mina was able to adjust in no time at all. From a circle, it became a triangle, and from a square, it became a circle.

It isn’t a piece of cake to trace a shape with no angles then immediately shifting to one with angles, not to mention it was happening on both the left and right side.

Most people would find it disorienting, favoring one side over the other. But Mina didn’t seem to have a problem with it!

Seeing how easy she made it look, it’s no wonder fans are calling her a genius.

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Source: YouTube